Trade Marks

The majority of our commercial clients use a mark to trade under. A trade mark is a shorthand identifying your company or product and can be letters, words, shapes, logos, graphics, colours, animations or sounds, or any combination of these. Trade marks are an important identifier in a visually crowded market place. Therefore, it makes sense to register your trade mark to ensure there is no dilution of the goodwill generated by your endeavours.

The fundamental function of your trade mark is to allow your customers who have had a good experience with your product or service to readily obtain the same good experience again based on your trade mark alone. This means repeat business based on your trade mark.

Having put your life’s work into the quality of your product or service, repeat business is attracted through the goodwill of your trade mark, trade dress and other branding. Your trade mark is a fundamental way of identifying to the market place the origin of your product/ service.

At Hanna IP we provide you with an in-depth analysis of your likelihood of achieving protection for your mark and the risks associated with infringing third party rights. We work with you right through the entire trade mark registration process and we can also act for you in trade mark disputes locally and internationally.