The value of your product may reside in its aesthetic appearance – it does not matter if it is a vacuum cleaner, a sweater, or the icons used in an app. This type of creative endeavour can be protected as well. We work with you through all stages of the creative process – from conceptual sketches through prototyping, market testing, production and sales or licensing – to develop a design protection strategy in tune with your timelines for launch on the marketplace.

There are two types of design protection: unregistered design right protection and registered design right protection.

Unregistered design right protection is granted automatically when you record your design – concept sketches, graphic works, drawings – in a design document. Provided the document is dated, no further steps are required. The downside of unregistered rights is that if you want to challenge another person/company for their use of your design you have to prove that they have copied your design.

Registered design right protection is available nationally, regionally and/or internationally and is a monopoly right and you do not have to prove copying by another party, provided they create their design after you register yours.