Hanna IP is an intellectual property consultancy that understands the passion, time and energy it takes to bring an idea to life. From modest beginnings in 2007 we now work with twenty percent of Northern Ireland’s leading one hundred companies, while serving a broad client base both internationally and throughout the UK and Ireland. From offices in Belfast and Dublin, we help individuals, start-ups and businesses navigate all areas of intellectual property with the transparent and straight-forward services we provide. Our attorneys specialise in – patents, trade marks, copyright and designs – and can also offer advice on the patent box and domain name disputes.

At Hanna IP we appreciate that you may have put your life’s work into your business and technology, and that you will always know more about these than we do. With this in mind, we are committed to understanding each client’s business intimately. This in turn enables our attorneys to deliver the most robust protection available. So, whether you are a lone inventor or a multinational, we promise to make your intellectual property journey as simple as possible, freeing you to focus on the things that matter – discovery, invention and commerce.

John Hanna, Hanna Intellectual Property

John Hanna

Suzanne Koston, Hanna Intellectual Property

Suzanne Koston

Maria Jose Casas Villaverde, Hanna Intellectual Property

Maria Jose Casas Villaverde

Neelam Guri, Hanna Intellectual Property

Neelam Guri

Lauren Edgar, Hanna Intellectual Property

Lauren Edgar

Laurence Dawkins-Schwiening, Hanna Intellectual Property

Laurence Dawkins-Schwiening

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Andrew McClure

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Demi McIlwee

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Tracy Brennan

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Jenna Bowen